Tutoring Rates

Source: SmartMoney, 2011

… parents will prioritize paying anywhere from $20 to $200 an hour for scholastic support.

Experts say the fastest-growing group of tutoring consumers is high school students, driven by cutthroat competition for college admission. “We have students making A’s who want A-plusses,” says Christina Lee, owner of Palo Alto, Calif. – based Stutors, a firm that only hires Stanford-educated teachers.

Test-prep giant Princeton Review quietly offers one-on-one tutoring services for a cool $115 to $425 an hour, depending on whether you choose “private,” “master” (at least two years’ experience) or “premier” (its most elite squad).

while the average rate for big-chain tutoring ($45 to $60 an hour) is comparable to the average for one-on-one instruction, that kind of attention is actually rare; usually, three students share a tutor, who works with each of them intermittently, round-robin style.

Personal, one-on-one attention and customized teaching (not work sheet curricula) is the preferred way to help students deal with their academic challenges — especially since many youngsters need help and encouragement just learning how to learn.


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