Mainland Chinese Students Applying to US Graduate Schools

Source: AsiaOne, Aug 2011

Some agencies that help Chinese study overseas are seeing leading US universities make a record number of admission offers for doctorate programs this year.

“We are so surprised and happy to see so many admission offers pouring in from Stanford University, New York University and Columbia University,” said Zhang Meng, senior manager of CACDIY International, an agency that helps Chinese study overseas.

On Aug 16, the Council of Graduate Schools, a US organisation that promotes graduate education and research, released the International Graduate Admissions Survey, which looks at admissions trends.

According to it, the number of Chinese applicants to US graduate schools increased by 21 per cent from this past school year and the number of offers being made to prospective Chinese students increased by 23 per cent.

This is the sixth year in a row that those percentages have increased by double digits, the report said.

“Expensive tuition fees are not a big problem for me,” said Liang Shuang, a graduate from the Beijing Jiaotong University. “And the opportunity to study at Stanford will not be around for another year.”


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